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RED Fire Engineers
We are a leading company in fire safety engineering established in Stockholm and with offices in Australia. Our team of fire engineers is one of the most experienced in the world. We strive to create sustainable and safe communities – for everyone, everywhere.

We understand that the building industry face many challenges, including increased demands regarding climate, economy, and safety. As a leading actor in fire safety and risk management, we are well equipped to help you to handle these challenges in your projects.

Our areas of expertise include not only fire safety solutions for buildings but also infrastructure, product development/testing, and law/insurance. Our engineering team use fundamental and advanced understanding of fire science, building codes and relevant standards together with our practical experience to develop innovative, cost effective, practical fire safety solutions that meet both project and regulatory requirements. We are focused on helping our clients with their most challenging projects.

If you searching for a reliable partner to manage your fire safety requirements, please contact us!

Australia and Sweden
The Australian fire engineering role is a bit different from the Swedish. While fire engineers in Sweden largely work with assessments and explain how prescriptive requirements can be achieved, fire engineers in Australia mostly provide performance based solutions, which means finding and demonstrating alternative solutions to fulfill the building code requirements.

Performance based solutions require the knowledge and experience to find functional and practical fire safety solution beyond the , which we are very comfortable with. This can for example be finding solutions that enable extended egress distances, specific material choices, or architectural designs above the usual. In a project we will be able to easily explain how more cost-effective, sustainable and practical fire safety solutions can be achieved. Which is very valuable for our clients.

We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 regarding quality and ISO 41001 regarding the environment. We calculate our impact on the climate and compensate for this in certified projects with our partner ekos.

Sustainable and safe communities – for everyone, everywhere.

We are fire safety professionals. We work with people. We collaborate, negotiate and communicate. We improve the communities we live in.

THE RED core values


We care about our employers, their families, their friends and the communities they live in.


We value creativity and diversity and we treat colleagues, clients and partners with respect and kindness.


We embrace sustainability and strive to be climate positive


We value quality and recognize that our management systems need continual improvement to help us in our mission.


We believe regulations exist for a good reason, and we try to make them better without compromising them.


We see the need for profit and sound finances to grow our ability to make an impact.