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Martin Johanson

BSc Fire Safety,
Chartered professional engineer (SAK3)

Martin has worked as a fire safety consultant since 2006 and has had this role both in Sweden and Australia. Besides continuously working as a fire safety consultant, Martin has had roles as a business developer, business area manager, regional office manager, and quality-/ sustainability manager.

Martin has a great interest in sustainability, and the challenges with green roofs/facades, timber buildings, recycling, and integrated solar cells from a fire safety perspective. Also how fires affect a buildings’ environmental  impact from a life-cycle perspective.


Carl Pettersson

Senior Fire Engineer,
BSc Fire Safety, MSc Risk Management

Chartered professional engineer (SAK3)

Carl has worked as a fire engineer since 2012 and has experience within the industry from Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark. Besides continuously working as a fire safety consultant, Carl has also worked for the fire services.

Carl has on behalf of Brandforsk compiled the current research on fire safety for timber buildings and written the report “Fire safety in timber buildings – knowledge overview and research needs” Carl regularly meets industry stakeholders to discuss and advance the knowledge of fire safety in timber buildings.


Felix Nyström

Fire Engineer,
BSc Fire Safety
Chartered professional engineer (SAK3)

Felix has worked as a fire safety consultant since 2017 and has project experience of large infrastructural projects, office buildings, nursing homes, and apartment buildings.
He has worked with fire safety solutions in New Zealand and Sweden. 

Felix in very interested in new technology and using performance based solutions to create sustainable communities. He has also been involved in several timber building projects.